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    Natalie Offerings

    I've been thrilled with the new list of offerings that Natalie brought with the take over of Rock You, however I find it very frustrating that with about 661 offerings, I keep getting the same ones multiple times a day EVERY Nataday. I'm in a group of 12 that trade our offerings since we all supposedly get different items but that hasn't been the case. We all get the same stuff and there have been very few trades and a lot of grumbling. I just have to wonder how the offerings rotate? For instance, The Biergarten is listed but out of the 12 of us, not a one of us has had the offer and all of us want one. That's a lot of gold spent if we ever saw the thing.....Please address the rotation of items if possible. It just seems odd that yesterday I got Abandoned Toys 4 times. First, who wants something that depressing in a garden and to spend the time we do refreshing to get a new offer (I probably average 50 - 100 per day), to repeatedly get the same things throughout the day? I only was able to send one item all day yesterday. In fact, our whole group totaled only 3 purchases yesterday out of what must have been 400 or more offerings.

    WE love our Natadays, but we'd love them more if we got offers that we actually wanted. Items like Margays, Coati, etc that cost over 30g each or Eco buildings with insane pricing, while cute, just aren't as appealing as the vintage animated items or items with roamers but they seem to come around more often than not. It would also be wonderful if you could arrange the offerings to coincide with an approaching holiday. Take the Halloween items out of rotation until at least Summer. Just because Nat has 661 items, they all don't have to be in rotation at the same time if they are more seasonal.

    Thanks for being so attentive to your players wants and issues. I really am glad to have Rock You on board for Gardens of Time. I would never have posted something like this with Playdom as I never felt they listened that much to us.

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    Thank you for posting Karen. Articulated very well. We're willing to spend gold on specific Natalie offerings. Biergarten and the skating rink are two wanted by many!

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    how do you trade offerings? I buy what Natilie offers since I have a heck of a time with doing Blitzs.. and I need tokens... but I got extras of gold items that I don't need.. I didn't know we could trade these????

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    You cannot trade what you already have, but if Natalie is offering something that one of your neighbors wants then you buy it for your neighbor and then your neighbor will buy you a gold item that you want when Natalie offers it...

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