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Thread: Snow Bunnies for 17 GOLD ??? No way!

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    Snow Bunnies for 17 GOLD ??? No way!


    Today the *Place snow bunnies* in your garden for 17 GOLD??? showed up...

    With no tournaments to win gold, this should not be required,, right???

    Please remove this or have it disappear within a short timed period?! Thank you so much!

    I love what you guys are doing with the game since getting it from Playdom!

    Thanks for listening to us :)

    Chris Kane

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    And now it is a Dancer Lion for 9 GOLD,, what the ...........

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    The gold quests have been around since before RY took over the game. They are completely optional- finishing them or not has absolutely no effect on your game. The icons will remain unless you purchase the items but getting rid of the icon is the only reason to go through with the "quest" (unless you were just looking for an excuse to buy the items :) )

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    I realize they are optional, Ive been playing since the first month,,

    They just removed the *Buy these items (Siberian tiger etc) from my quest list,,by request,,
    so why add new ones? They are annoying and pushy,, and put there just to annoy us enough to use the little gold we have
    just to get rid of the annoyance,, if we wanted them, we would go buy them,,
    why put them there for any other reason than to annoy us enough that we will spend gold,,

    Its NOT an improvement!

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