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    Red face Add Me Thread

    As stated per the admins about adding

    For FaceBook

    Feel free to add those who have posted in this thread requesting friends and/or post a request of your own! If you choose to post, just make sure you include your FaceBook profile URL* so those who are looking for friends have a way to add you. You will need to be friends in Facebook first, then invite your new friend to be a neighbor in the game.
    - If you are getting too many requests. you can go back to your post in this thread and completely delete it or edit our your FB link to leave a message behind.
    Thanks everyone!

    Disclaimer: Facebook has its own policies and security settings about adding friends. The Add Me thread is a place for everyone to share their URL information but please keep in mind that you would need to handle any issues with that through Facebook. In general: it's always best to send a message along with your friend request, don't request lots of new friends at one time, and edit out or delete your listing once you have all the requests you need. If players you send requests to report you as someone they do not know, your account may be flagged for being in violation of Facebook's Terms of Service.

    Please do not use email addresses in this thread.

    * To get your Facebook URL, go to your Timeline page, and copy the address in the address bar of your browser. It should start with the string: https;//

    You should also ensure that you can receive friend requests for at least the duration of your time on this thread.

    My FaceBook: FB

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    Patricia Oakley Logan....looking for friends for Disney City Girl

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