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Thread: Wordie of the Month Community event overview!

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    Wordie of the Month Community event overview!

    Hello Fans!

    Welcome to the Wordie of the Month community event!

    You can be featured on the Words of Wonder Fan, Forum, and Community pages! Win Wordie of the Month by sharing YOUR inspirational and touching stories that make you uniquely you. The top stories will be randomly selected while YOU get to vote on the grand prize winner.

    Event Rules:
    1. Be sure to submit your story under the correct month for the Wordie of the Month forum thread.
    2. One story submission per person
    3. By entering, you are accepting to the RockYou terms and conditions, permission to feature your name, photo, and story on the Words of Wonder Fan, forum, and Community pages.
    4. Submissions that are not posted under the monthly forum thread or do not adhere to the Player Rules of Conduct WILL NOT be considered.
    5. This contest as well as the use of any RockYou website, forum, or game is governed by the RockYou Terms:
    6. Player Rules of Conduct:

    How to Enter:
    Submit your inspirational and touching story to the correct Wordie of the Month thread.
    Submit your story by replying to the thread
    Attach a photo (optional) so we can share with the Community
    Instructions on how to upload an image:

    Top stories will randomly be selected for voting
    Each selection will be based on the most unique, touching, or inspirational story
    To qualify, submissions must adhere to the RockYou Terms and Conditions and Player Rules of Contact

    Thank you,
    The Words of Wonder team

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