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Thread: Ads are getting out of hand!!!

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    Ads are getting out of hand!!!

    It used to be that ads didn't pop up but maybe once while I was playing, now they pop up like every 5 minutes!!! It's getting a little out of hand! Why do I need to see so many ads now?! And sometimes when I go to click on something the ad pops up and I accidentally click on the ad instead and it's REALLY annoying. Can't you just make it so ONE ad pops up in the beginning and allow us to watch ads at our leisure for the city spinner thing? The game is also being incredibly slow. Especially when it comes to the ads. I really wish most of them would go away. Is anyone else having problems with too many ads?

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    I don't have a problem since I use an ad blocker add-on. I don't really do the city spree wheel anyway

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    Okay, I think I fixed the problem by enabling my ad blocker again, last time I did a message popped up that basically said I needed to disable the ad blocker to have all the game features...but this time the message went away...I don't know, it was confusing. Hopefully it won't keep giving me issues... Thanks for the comment, it helped just by mentioning the ad blocker :P

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