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  • 1) Earth Tree

    12 5.33%
  • 2) Eco House

    64 28.44%
  • 3) Four Seasons Forest

    149 66.22%
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Thread: 2/24/2015 - GoT Poll: Lulu needs your help for the Earthday Handbook!

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    I like the names of each, cool representations for Earth Day but excuse, the artistry of all don't do it just. It is bad, kind of sloppy... I could barely make out that there's a world globe of earth with 2 continents and water surrounding it in the #1 Earthday Tree. All 3 look flat and plain, no depth, and again like cartoon. Appears #2 Eco House changes from a tree to a house, like recycling? I like this idea! If the art had more detail, depth and a little more realistic, it would be my choice for sure. Because #1 and #2 is not cutting it, seems the votes are going to #3, and I don't know what to make of that one either. A zen bridge with 4 poorly drawn seasonal trees placed on a single platform? Ugh!!! I'm so disappointed. All three look like a quick desperate attempt to put out something for Earth Day. I would prefer more focus be put on one quality artwork item rather than choosing between three poor works of art. If these are the end results for next Handbook, than I guess it would be a good time to just craft more tokens.

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    No. 3 please
    It would "help greatly" if you used all 3 colour pieces in the Time Lab. Using the current Lab as n example :-
    You only use pink and purple which results in purple being the scarcest. If you used pink and white on one or more pages this would help alleviate the problem. Failing that ... you need more purple to drop, which probably complicates things for you.
    The Lotus is very beautiful, thank you.

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    you ought to do all 3 in a crystal chapter

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    No3 of course.

    TL we need to have better drop rate on all 3 frags; You rush to get what is needed and for those that work daily and the scarcity of the drop rate being consistent, leaves some out of the crafting and Time Lab event. Yes, understand making it a challenge but last 2 labs appear unobtainable unless you play 24/7 or spend gold. Not everyone has the money to purchase gold and loose out if it comes down to purchasing the complete one of these events.

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    Obrigada por nos permitir a escolher os itens ,voto no 3, mas gostei dos 3 itens.
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    Oh, I like them all but voted for #3. I've seen some comments on the art work but it said these were sketches so I'm sure the finished product will be better. Would love to have all 3 in my garden so maybe we could craft the tree in place of a path if it doesn't win, and the days of crafting item could be whichever one doesn't win the poll.

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    I was kinda hoping for a chain gang walker in an orange suit, walking around picking up junk.

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