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Thread: Seeing only GOT posts on the timeline : still possible ?

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    Seeing only GOT posts on the timeline : still possible ?

    When I started playing games on facebook, I used a feature that allowed to see only the posts from a specific game in the time line. Well, one at a time. For GOT I used

    I tried it recently and it doesn't work anymore. I see only GOT posts. Only MY GOT posts. It's a pity I have many new players as friends and it makes it quite hard for me to find the posts where they ask for collection items in the morning or coming back from work.

    Does anyone know if there is a way to select what posts to display on the facebook wall, not permanently but just long enough to scroll and find specific posts ?

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    I don't know a way to just see game posts, but I have created a 'Gardens of Time' friends list. As I add each new neighbor to the game I also add them to this list. When I click on this list from my news feed it will only show posts from my got neighbors who I have added to this list. That makes it easier to find game posts than sorting through all your friends posts. If you haven't created a list before just type 'create a list' in fb help, pretty simple. I will say that when I initally created my list it was easier to just add a couple friends, then I edited the list to add the rest. Made it much easier to select a larger number of friends.

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    Thank you for the suggestion Diana it would help (I might be too lazy to do it but it would help :-) )

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