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Thread: Suggestions !!!

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    Suggestions !!!

    I am playing this game for long time , and its always the same things happened again and again , the quests are always the same ,we get an iten and craft craft craft , or go talk to friends , or to the coffe shop . the rewards are also same every time , dresses , glasses , shoes exept very rare times that they give some furnitures . i suggest you create more places to go exept coffe shop , like real dress/shoes /jewls / stores with all the clothes in, old and new ones . A great idea is to create jobs areas , as an artist for example make a museum or a gellery that i go to work and do several tasks exept craft and get off the door , or as experts to have the chance to get our own place to decorate with jobs items . another idea is to have gardens not only balconies , and put trees , flowers , etc .

    We all have sooooo many things in our inventories that we can't use , i suggest to change the buy the house with the buy /rent house , the difference will be that when we rent a house we decorate it and when we rent another we lose the past one and decorate the new one , but when we are gonna BUY the house we keep the house so when we gonna buy a second one we keep both of them to decorate . allow as to clean oyr houses without loosing energy , (make the bed , clean the bathroom ) it can be a daily quest to clean the house that will reward us with tickets or a second daily spin or coffe .

    give us windows and doors to make the house a bit different fron others , make a furniture shop with all the old and new staff so we can get them when we can afort the gold or the glam cause you poot new items /new clothes together for sort of time that we cant get all the things we need cause we can't collect all the gold or glam that needed . give us also a house with floors/garden/attic not apartment again

    make game more friendly cause now is a REAAALY lonely one , what i mean is that the only thing we do is to go to friends homes and do 5 things or do the quest parts , create places than more people will be there that can chat or make quets together , at coffe shop , at restaurant , or you can make a park that we can also get our pets to play ,

    costumize our character with more things , you have only 5 faces , skin colours , and hairs , allow as to select eyes , mouth, nose , body shape , will be more fun .

    make purses , bags , jewls , hats and make them count on jobs area , and make up should count at jobs .

    and last pls make time sorter for the crafts needed for the quets , get the gift limit away or increase it to 100 , there are times that i dont have anything to do so i just dont play at all . fix the voting so it be fare for everyone , and make characters not to get tired that fast its too enoying to rest all the time when you went to friends for glam or just do thing in your house ,

    i believe that those ideas will make the game more spicy and less boring , pls make some of them happend .

    thank you (forgive by english )
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    give us more food deccoration items for our tables or dinning rooms or just for the kitchen

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    I have no need for handbags, and jewelry is impossible to see unless we're changing clothes or voting in Daily Look (earrings would be especially impossible with long hairstyles)

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    then neclasses, we can see and make outfits more interesting , handbags are great with dresses , every woman have a purse or a handbag when she wear a dress , belts would be great , you are gight about the long hair , but there are lots of ponytails , or short hairs or braids. if there was a zoom in botton we could see more details from our characters .

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