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Thread: Voting on Daily Look. HOWWWW?? THOUSANDS????

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    Voting on Daily Look. HOWWWW?? THOUSANDS????

    I always put a lot of thought into my daily look, and aim to make it impressive and very appropriate for the theme. I see the people I vote on getting votes in the thousands. How is this happening??? I never get more than 20 or 30. Is there something I'm missing??? Is there some way I can manage to get more votes??? Help!!!

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    I think it depends on when you submit your look. Like if you submit it right when the day changes over (for me it's 3AM) then you will get a lot of votes. I don't really get it, because you have to wait a whole day to get votes on that contest.

    Anyway, I think so because one time I got 4728 votes, and that's when I entered right away. This is very different from my usual 10-20 votes.

    Maybe entering early makes you one of the people who show up often. The randomizer for contest voting is definitely messed up, probably because they want to make your friends show up a lot... but you see the same strangers over and over--and they have a lot of votes.

    It's kinda sad that it is in no way based on merit/outfit quality.

    *edit* okay looking at it now, I don't see many stranger repeats, but then again, I only play to do the 10 votes for the daily quest so...
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    Sherri Allen
    There is a bug that causes some players to get a lot more votes than others. It’s extremely elusive and we are working on it, but do not have an estimate of when it will be fixed.

    In the meantime, one way to get more votes is to post the link to your “Ask for Votes” posts to fan groups, so that people will vote for you through them.

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    Maxine Mody

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    Voting has started for the "Famed Singer" Daily Look contest. Vote for Maxine now! Click for your Bonus!

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    I don't have a problem with posting daily look links here, but you need to paste the link, not the text. Right click on 'Free Metro Pass' and copy the link. Paste that.
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    I would appreciate if you didn't advertise your character while I'm struggling just to get up to 20 likes.

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    Thank you! I hope it gets fixed soon. :-)

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    why are the outfits not showing up today in the daily look contest? I'm not doing a random, unknown look! these issues that keep happening are very frustration!

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    There is a post on Disney City Girl Fanatics Facebook page where you can post your link for voting. Also, you can get up to 20 Metro passes per day by clicking on the links posted. You will consequently get more votes! :) Joining a group like this helps a lot. :)

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