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Thread: stuck on level 177

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    Angry stuck on level 177

    how are you supposed to get past the levels that require you to serve a certain amount of a dish when people do not request the dish that is required. I have been stuck on this level for days constantly replaying it i have got 3 stars almost continually but have to serve 5 plates of whipped cream but the most i have had is 3 people requesting the dish it is not timed or x amount of people lost ends the level but i have 16 customers and serve all 16 but am unable to complete this level, i believe if you put this kind of stipulation in then that dish should be asked for at least the 5 times required everytime not once or twice every 20 customers which is what it feels like. does anyone know a way to get past this please as im close to leaving this game for good.

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    The customers that appear in each level are randomized, so if you keep trying, they will show up for you eventually. There are plenty of scramblers that have passed this level, so it's not impossible. Keep at it and you will beat it!

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    Don't forget a lot of players can afford to buy the 3 more people enough times to pass all the items. I am sorry but there are levels where it seems if I didn't have cash I would never have passed the level, but now I decided not spending anymore real money that really does very little for me, so had to put the game aside until it becomes possible to in a way spend money on nothing real

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