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Thread: Bonus items gotten from old crafting missions

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    Bonus items gotten from old crafting missions

    Can you please make them sellable/deletable? I have stuff cluttering up my inventory that I crafted like 6 months ago. Like the set of lanterns from the Chinese New Year mission, or the huge Oscar statue from the Oscar's mission... You get the drill. I don't care if it sells for 1 coin, just please let me sell them like the bonus items from the newest missions!

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    wow how much do ya have in your inventory? O.o

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    Uhhh lessee.... 10 pages, not counting the stuff I'm using in my apartment. One page is purely crafters for quests, which I know I'll be able to delete in upcoming updates.

    Of stuff I got as bonus from crafting missions, I have 2 of the white computer desks, two of the big-ass white bars with the stools, 2 of the "round walnut china hutch" we got from the mission with the serving table, an "ornate tuscan stove" that is too big to use and doesn't match any of the avaiable kitchen furniture, 2 "dragon lanterns" from the Chinese New Year mission, a gold Oscar statue, two fancy old-style phones from... a mission in November i think?, the 60 city scape mural wallpapers (divided into 3 sets of 20 for maximum space-taking)... and that's it. I have more, but those came already deletable. So that's 10 inventory slots taken up by shit I don't use and would only be too glad to get rid of. Wish I could send them to friends.

    ...I'm wondering what happened to the Rose Petal jacuzzi thingy from Valentines Day's mission though. I don't remember deleting it? Huh.

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    Thanks for the feedback, Victoria. We will certainly pass along these suggestions. :)

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