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Thread: Hello my name is Marius! Your Gardens of Time Community Manager!

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    I cannot get on to the game MOST of the time and when I can get it to open for me I cannot make it larger because you need 125 gold, so I cannot really get ahead in the game anymore. This was my all time favorite on line game and now I cannot play it. Is there any help for me?

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    I have now been able to play 3 days in a row! Why can't we buy the additional garden space with coins like in the past? please......

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    We are in need of a gold sale. Our supply is running low due to making so many purchases for the new amazing dragon & griffin items. Can you help with this please?

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    We have gold sale randomly. Please check the game regularly for any sale available.

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    como votar no concurso atual naõ consigo vê-lo

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    Ir para Gardens of Time Fan Page e votar.

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    You supposedly did maintenance in the game to fix issues. To date mine seems to be worse. Trying to do challenges is a nightmare as the game keeps crashing/freezing and that is if I am lucky for the game to load. This usually takes several attempts. Also freezes when you use you 60 energy and need to reload. I can see why new players are giving up on it and some of us old time players are also leaving or considering leaving. When will it be fixed?

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    My name is Rosalind and I play I cannot play on level 28 on the main scenes what do I Have to do.

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    Hello Rosalind,

    Please submit a ticket to our support team and they will get back to you. Please include as much as much information as possible for them to help you further.

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    I totally agree with Janet. I have been playing for the last five years both online and through Facebook. This game that I love is getting way too expensive and time consuming. I hope something can be done about it. Thank you!

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