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Thread: Hello my name is Marius! Your Gardens of Time Community Manager!

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    The time labs are to much time and i have to work and what ever happen to the real life like beautiful buildings and artifacts? now it is all fantasy and having to collect energy one at a time takes up too much time and why can't we have a wheel or something to be able to choose what free gift we want to send without having to click a hundred times before we get the one we want to send and the wonder in this last chapter is gaugy and ugly and will never use it after the chapter it will just take up space since i cant sell it i like a beautiful real life like garden fantasy is ok now and then but we don't really have a choice we have to decorate with what we get

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    Hi Marius,

    I am a LONG time GOT player and love it. I have never been able to use the search feature to find items. Is there a trick to it??

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    If you are searching items with the Full Screen, You will not be able too. Please exit from Full Screen and try searching.

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    It doesn't work in full screen, but should work fine in smaller screen,

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    Hi Marius, I have been having issues of items not being recognized in the garden.. I have submitted tickets and it gets fixed. But it is a pain having to wait for a reply before I can move on to the next Chapter.. This issue is to have one Teddy Tea Party in the garden, I have four. I have completed these items before I start the chapter so as not to wait the three days for completion, I had never experienced this problem before it is just happening with the last four Chapters!!

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    Can you provide me your Ticket details for further investigation?

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    Hi Maurius. All day today, I have been unable to request materials from my friends. It is just blank - does not show the list of people. It has kind of put me at a stand-still. Please help.

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    I've had the same problem all day today also.

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