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Thread: Hello my name is Marius! Your Gardens of Time Community Manager!

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    Hello my name is Marius! Your Gardens of Time Community Manager!

    Hello Time Agents!

    I am Marius! Your new Gardens of Time Community Manager!

    I am here to help you and guide you. It is very important for me to make the community comfortable. As always am open to feedback. So here are the links that leads to FAQ and Support Site. Please get your assistance from FAQ as we have updated more information. Once you are there, start describing your issue and browse the FAQs to find all the information you need.

    Click on FAQ for Gardens of Time

    Do you have a question about Gardens of Time? Get all your questions and concerns answered over at our Support site.

    Go ahead and create a Support Ticket and you’ll hear back from one of our helpful advocates soon!

    Click on Support

    I am aware of a few issues players are currently experiencing, and I appreciate your patience as I work to update players!

    I am really excited to meet you all here in the Forums!

    Explore Gardens of Time

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    Dear Rock You:
    Please realize that your players have a real life to lead and that this game is meant to be a pleasurable diversion and not a second career. The requirements for the time lab are getting ridiculous. The need for 18 water wheels to complete the lab plus all the other materials is just too much! Please realize that we cannot and do not want to be chained to our computers for half our waking hours to get the materials needed for the lab and for the days of crafting! No wonder so many new players are giving up the game soon after starting and so many long time players are throwing in the towel on a game they have loved for a long time. Please make the labs and the days of crafting more reasonable so that an average player with a real life to lead- jobs, kids, chores, daily activities- can participate in the lab and crafting with a reasonable chance of success without committing so many of their waking hours to what is supposed to be a game- fun by definition! A game is supposed to alleviate stress, but GOT is adding stress to our lives instead.
    A Long Time GOT player

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    Janet this is very well expressed, I can only approve, not add anything.

    Oh yes I can. There is a second gold sale since this lab started, I'm *again* choosing not to buy gold.

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    Thanks for the feedback Janet! I will add this to my list as priority.

    Note: The time lab elements drops are set to drop more than 50% of the time! The odds are in your favor! It's really just luck of the draw, just like flipping a coin. Random probability is sometimes confusing.

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    Hi Marius,
    Is there a trick to submitting a ticket?? I just tried to submit a ticket for GOT for missing gold. I get to the page "to submit a ticket please enter search word, etc. I do that and it just reverts back to same page. I've submitted tickets before with no problem. I'd like to get my gold back. thank you

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    Marius,When will we get some relief with the constant refreshing of our games? This is supposed to be a FUN game not an exercise in futility! Every time something new is added to the game,it seems to get worse! There needs to be less emphasis on the greed and more towards fixing the long avoided fixes necessary to make this game perform as it should! Fix the problems FIRST-the profits will come thereafter!

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    Hey Paula,

    I do not think if there are any new implementation to ticket portal. Try again and let me know if you still face the issue.
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    Hi Marius,
    I've been playing GOT for as long as I can remember, and love the game! One problem has been consistent though, script errors. I don't understand what they are, other than (I think) having to do with Adobe Flash? I'm running Windows 7 64 bit, and using Mozilla Firefox as the browser. I also have Google Chrome. Is there a particular web browser that works best with GOT?
    Thank you,

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    Please submit a ticket along with the screenshot of the error, so that they can investigate and assist you.

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    What has happened to the time lab.I am unable to access it Without joining the inner circle and i refuse to pay for that.

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