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Thread: level 210 bug

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    level 210 bug

    Hi all.

    It's been months since a bug appeared on level 210 in little wok. Problem is,the level starts normally,but then the customers start leaving as soon as they appear. First I thought I just wasn't playing well enough or my appliances were old, but then I looked it up on youtube and saw that other players didn't have this problem. Please help, or I will have to stop playing this great game. It makes no sense playing the old levels over and over again anymore,and 210 is impossible to pass even with premium items and heart blasts. Please help.

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    I thought it was just ME!!!! Thank you for posting this. I have no idea what the possible fix for this is, but it is definitely a relief to know I'm not alone!

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    The customers leaving
    drop heart very fast
    cant proceed in 210
    plz fix

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    they fixed it for me but now the same problem with level 273.

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