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Thread: I can't visit friends, they send me back home

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    I can't visit friends, they send me back home

    Like the title says. I can't visit friends(besides Jenna) when i click on a friend i get send to their home but when i arrive at their home couple seconds later i get send back home. i can't interact with them(which is hard when you can't finish the tasks where you need to speak with friends) and when i get send back the friend i tried to visit disappears out of my neighbors or changes into a second Jenna. what can i do to fix this ?

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    Does anyone know how to fix it or does someone have this too ?

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    Hi! This is a known issue that will be resolved when we update to the new messaging center. In the meantime, please go to and submit a support ticket so we can document this issue for you and assist you with completing tasks that require friends. Thanks!

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