I was stuck on level 534 ( Coldcutta) for three days now . Usually when i'm stuck , i try to find where the trick is . there's always a trick on levels like that .
Here it's the greek goddess . Every time you serve her the pasta salad , there's a heart blast that happens . so basically what you need to do the moment the level start is to drop the pasta in the water and put the tomato and the onion in the mixing bowl . make two pasta salad ( one in the holding plate thingy) and then start serving your orders . be methodical : always drop an ingredient in everything , in order to be prepared ( tomato + onion in the bowl, a cheese in the pan , a tomato in the pot , a bread and salad on the work board and the egg crumbs in the scale .
but mostly your success depends on that heart blast . it doesn't last long so you have to be fast .
hope I helped .