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Thread: One too much - get your work done

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    Agree 100% with everything stated had 5 people playing in my home and now only me and that´s only because I still have a close relationship with my friends who do play!!! But am quickly losing interest as well from being a daily player am now a once a weeker if that and I am nowhere near 350 yet and already losing interest.

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    It's sad to see how You are (not) behaving to the people playing the game.... There is a sale going on at the moment, do you think anyone cares about the sale? The players want answers, like I want as well. I lost WLP's with upgrading the Halloween buildable, never got an answer.... The only thing you do know is how to screw up the fun for people..
    Sad when you only can organize things generating money for You..
    I hope you will start listening to the players before none will be left anymore...

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    i totally agree 100 % to all comments , it has become an for rockyou

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    Yvonne Hendriks Mack
    I agree 100% with this post ... Why is it so hard for you to listen to us player?
    We all play Zoo from the beginning and want to be taken seriously, we deserve it…
    Why is there no more after level 350? Why are there no more animals that can be given away?
    New animals are only for a limited time in our shop, we cannot even go on holiday without missing Animals or Decorations ...
    Why don’t you release more WLP animals as you did in the past? There are only animals to buy with Facebook Credits. Look around in the world, there are so many people who cannot afford to pay money for a game, they need their money to live…
    Why did you make it impossible for us to gift FBC-Animals to our Zoomates?
    Unfortunately I have already lost many Zoomates, and I'm sure I will lose a lot more if you don’t change this game ...

    What about:
    "Build the best zoo in the world! Help friends improve theirs."
    I see it every time I load my Zoo, it makes me angry right now…

    Maybe you can listen to us this time, you always say you do…

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    Totally agree!

    Also, we all consider that the releasing frequencies of the FBC animals are too close and the allowable time frames for buying are too short. Besides, we want to purchase any premium animals for either FBC or the WLP currency equivalent. Hope they would listen, too.

    Relevant Forum Thread:
    [What happened to this game? Will you listen to all of us?]
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    LOL - 8 hours is to be a business day ... I really like to have an official giving a substantial statement ... let's see ... what else do I dream about ? ROFL

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    Hey everyone,

    I believe these ideas can be stated in the Suggestions and Ideas section. Our team is working to stabilize the game as the bugs have been reported for some time. Ideas like raising the max level, new mission difficulty, and new feed animals are in the to do list. The team is considerably smaller now so we are doing the best we can to address your concerns and feedback. We will forward over your input for your other points. Jenny and I will do our best to keep everyone informed. Please let us know if you have more suggestions in the Suggestions and Ideas section. Thanks!

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    Joe thanks for a response - most of this was discussed on another thread yet with Tam Anh ... the point so to me is not that much which section this should belong to but that there is an improvement in the gameplay itself soon. I understand you are missing personal to get the work done - so having at least a regular update on things for now would be greatly appreciated. Keep people on track in spite of the status of your efforts please and at least try to do some small improvements right away that are more easy to realize ... like adding "giftable" to the animal code you put up Every reasonable human is able to work on a target - even if this is someway in the future. Please realize that you have to have a kind of milestone plan set up so that your customers do not loose faith in being patient all the time just recognizing that this is for nothing so far - the frustration right now is pretty high ... so for now if you can please take care for a tree to come up soon - even if you call it a christmas tree We have the 1st of advent next weekend yet so please surprise us in some way ... and again sorry to see you simply put the 10 new thanksgiving animals to shop instead of using them for a tree to gift to friends ... sharing in this holiday season is one of the most appreciated things to get done and you should be able to acknowledge that. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

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    Since you are obviously reading this thread, I agree with what is being said by everyone and I am all for adding new things and improving the game, but at the same time some of us have been waiting for several weeks to get a response to the problem of missing islands. If you see this, can you please respond with an update on when these might be returned? A new expansion will be available in the flash sale within a couple days. I'm almost afraid to get it because I don't know how that will affect you restoring my lost islands. I really do enjoy Zoo World 1 and just want to be able to continue to enjoy it. I do have a ticket in for this problem so please, just a reply would be wonderful. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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    Do you think that zoo fans will finally get their Thanksgiving/Christmas and allow us to reaffirm our bond with our zoomates and do as we have been taught, that is to share! Dirk is correct in his assessment of the world of zoo as we know it. There use to be days that we all lost track of time, while we formed new friendships. Why should any of us spend any money on a dysfunctional system? It is so sad to see a good thing turn out so bad.

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