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Thread: One too much - get your work done

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    Hi Jan,

    For the missing islands the fix is being worked on but since the fix involves data of all the Zoo players, the team must be very careful in getting the fix out to only those affected. We have been adding id's to forward over and hope to have an update soon. I'm sorry for the wait. Once I hear more I can update everyone. Thank you all for your well wishes. Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I hope you are all enjoying time with your loved ones! =)

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    Gabi Reschke
    All is said !!!! I totally agree with Dirk !!! :-(

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    Thank you Joe and a belated Happy Thanksgiving to you too ... hope we see some improvement soon. So please whatever you feel able to do to get this back on track let it happen soon. You may start with minor things as suggested ... I feel the most important thing to get over this "hanging" period is to have some new giftable animals - followed by a tree to send gifts to friends for Christmas. Fingers crossed for all those who are again missing their islands ... I know that can be very frutsrating

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    Just ONE more thing: Can you PLEASE stop the POP-UPS!!!! It's SO IRRITATING! "Buy Now" with a FBC animal will NOT go away, no matter how many times it's clicked out, or EVEN IF you DO BUY IT! Do it maybe 5 times or something at least and then STOP CEASE AND DESIST! We're NOT IDIOTS, when we see it a couple times WE KNOW it's on sale. I don't buy those animals just for the PRINCIPAL now, because I'm so irritated at having to constantly get it off my screen. If we don't buy the first or second time we see it, we're not going to buy! And even if we were, WE KNOW it's in the shop by then. PLEASE STOP THE POPUPS!

    Also, I've suggested this MANY times, but here goes again: If you would put in an 'expand TO FULL screen' featuire in ZW1, it would be enormously helpful and make the game much more fun. i've gotten to the point where I really don't CARE about getting animals, because I can't see them well anyway, without having to zoom in to max, and then painfully DRAG the island around. You did this in ZW2, why can't you do it in ZW1? It would make it easier for us to see these cute creatures and also easier to click on things. PLEASE!

    AND I FOR ONE will NEVER breed an animal that costs me FBC's or even WLP's to do so. That is just RIDICULOUS.
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    Joe as you do read on here ... can you answer one question please ? Will we have a tree for christmas ?

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    Oh well you seem to be unable to answer a simple question within a week - so moving forward ... what should we expect from you at all anymore ? Pretty much done with this shit.

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