PLEASE make it known which animals cost WLP to breed (at the point of sale) so we can stop wasting our points on buying 2 to breed. It could be listed in the drop down menu in the store where it tells you if it's trainable/ breedable. The concept don't even make sense. There's absolutely no benefit to breeding them. No one in their right mind is going to waste their WLP to breed them, assuming they'd ever have enough to do so. It's just another example of RY greed and grabbing our points.

I have been playing since the early days and used to love this game and RY support BEFORE these forums. You know...when RY actually answered concerns and honestly tried to help. I rarely see a response from admins/support to any of the queries here. I used to spend money on the game regularly but gave that up as things got worse. It's like casting our words out to cyberspace knowing no one will ever see them or care if they do and yet here I am...hoping for RY to get back to what they once were.