RockYou Forums Rules of Conduct

We are very pleased to welcome you on our forums!

Our forums are a place where all RockYou game players are able to chat, exchange ideas or information and put any questions to the RockYou community.

While subscribing to this forum you commit yourself to respect the laws and the other users.

In order to enjoy these forums under the best possible conditions, we ask you to respect the following rules:

No illegal, pornographic or violent content:
Messages having racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic or any other illegal content or slander are of course prohibited. Images, texts, videos or links to violent or pornographic content shall not be published.
This rule is includes signatures, avatars and Facebook names.

No insulting, offensive or provoking content:
If you disagree with another forum member, you may discuss this respectfully but you may not use any insults. If you feel offended by a message, instead of reacting to it, we invite you to use the report tool by clicking on the following icon located on the bottom left corner of each message.
You may not post messages which may provoke other forum users or can be considered as an offense by them.

Spam and advertisement:
Any kind of advertisement is forbidden on these forums. Chain letters and pyramid schemes are prohibited.

Legibility and comprehension:
We strongly recommend you to pay attention to your writing, spelling and grammar and avoid the use of abbreviations. This will increase your chance to be read and understood by the forums community.

Any act of moderation is at RockYou teamís sole discretion. Measures can be taken against users who are not following the forum rules