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Thread: A Miracle on GOT Mobile Street

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    Talking A Miracle on GOT Mobile Street

    Since transition, I lost access to my level 200 garden ...
    Since transition, I was lucky my game wasn't reset to default ...
    Since transition, I never stopped trying to open my game ...
    16 months after transition ... a miracle happened ...
    October 16, 2015 was my lucky day ...

    I'm extremely happy to tell you:
    Your global leader LAmour was back into her game.

    How is this possible?! Nothing changed on my side!
    Did something happen at RockYou?

    I realize, though, I should be careful not to be too happy, my game might reset to default any time soon, same way other players have being affected.

    The screenshot is taken by visiting myself via my inactive (default) garden on my husband's iPad2, on that version iPad I could still zoom out enough. On my own iPad I can't zoom out enough.
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    mGOT play-ID: Johanny
    mGOT garden name: ! AmourWasBack16Oct2015

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