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Thread: Help: Where is my game?

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    Exclamation Help: Where is my game?

    Hello everyone... Need some help, please...

    I recently started playing Gardens of Time and I am enjoying it very much. I play it on Ipad and this morning I played it normally, but now I went back to the game and it went back to the start. I don't know if there is a way for me to change the account and go back to my old game. It even created a brand new Player Id for me, and when I try to use my old one I got the not possible message because the user already exists

    I really want to go back to my old game/user but I have no idea how to...

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    Hi Darkheart! I am sorry you lost your game.

    The only solution would be to restore your IPad from the back up that you may have created for your IPad on your desktop or laptop.

    Should that not be possible, I suggest you continue with your new game. This time round please do create a back up of your IPad on your laptop or desktop. This is would be helpful not only for your games but includes other data as well on your IPad, in the event your IPad crashes.

    Please do give your new ID so I may add you from both my gardens.


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    When this happened to me I went to Facebook and entered the game there...that restored my will be asked if you want to return to your old yes and they sync...

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