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    As of yesterday, my messages are missing. I had some messages left in my inbox from people sending me supplies. Also, I have been sending requests for the Halloween items but I'm not getting a response. I wanted to make sure it wasn't a glitch. Can you please check that for me? Thanks!!

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    I have not got any gifts for days as well. And when I went to report it a thing came up and said my account is inactive?? But I dont understand I go on facebook everyday and I am able to still play all my games. What does this mean? Is it a glitch?

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    I'm thinking it is a glitch but still waiting on a response from a staff member. My messages showed up yesterday for a few seconds and disappeared again. I haven't been able to send or receive supplies or the Halloween gifts. Now it has ended and the only way I can get the ones I missed, I'll have to use kitchen cash. Hopefully, I will get a response soon.

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    I can't see any message or gifts. I tried to open a support ticket but each time I try it tells me I am an inactive user. I am actively playing. Can anyone help? It has been happening for several days. Thanks.

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    please is there no support to help us with this issue. Its getting very frustrating haveing invested alot of time on this game I am on level 751

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    i keep getting the same messages everyday as soon as i clear it from the same people that doesn't play please fix. I use to be able to send gifts to people who play that I don't know but I don't see that anymore

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