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Thread: Live Chat on Facebook not showing.

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    Live Chat on Facebook not showing.

    Hi, new to forum. I have a friend who just started KS and she says there is no KS Live Chat showing to the right of her game on FB. It shows up on mine with the option to hide it but she says she doesn't even see anything that says "Hide" or "Show" chat just the normal FB chat box that sits at the bottom when not in use. We've tried going through the settings for both the game and FB but nothing works. She's cleared her cache and cookies and logged off and on and uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. Any help on how to get her into chat?

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    I have yet to figure out a solution to this.. my husband has the chat yet i do not.. ive had people suggest it was the internet provider etc but were on the same internet. would be nice to be able to use the chat sigh..

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    Hello all,I need some help with this problem. All of my gifts & supplies are going into my notifications and not into my messages. When I click on the post in notifications, only then they stream over to my messages but, I can not accept any of them, it only posts "return the favor" I cant play past the supplies Rock you gives us daily. Please I will take any suggestions to get my supplies back in my messages. I am going through withdrawals here! lol TY so very much.

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