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Thread: What's the deal with GoT?

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    What's the deal with GoT?

    For well over a year now, when I log into GoT I see my garden situated in the middle of black nothingness. I have no entrance gate or anything to my garden, and I have been unable to visit anyone else's garden either (it just hangs on the trotting horse logo and goes no further). I have put in multiple tickets on the issue only to have RockYou support close it out saying it's being worked on. How is that a resolution worth closing out the ticket? It isn't. I've done all the usual steps of emptying out my cache and updating flashplayer, no avail. I can still play GoT, but really only partially.

    Also, for quite some time now, many have been stuck on level 500 and can't go any further. I'm one of them. We have the White Rose Bush 1x1 decoration to use which is the most valuable item in the game, but when are we going to get something to replace it? Support for this game is sorely lacking.

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    Level 500

    Don't expect a new level maximum any time soon; 500 was on 9-16-15, and that was a 200 level increase!. Prior to that, the levels were upped on 4/4/12 (100), 1-30-13 (200), and 10-1-14 ((300).

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    Seriously though, the white roses!?! All I see when visiting neighbours are endless fields of them. New items are low rep per square, especially larger buildings. It's not worth the effort to even bother with 2x2 and 3x3 buildings any more. Items for gold are simply not worth the rep to purchase, especially given the price. What's the point of reputation anyway? It doesn't seem very relevant to long-time players.

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    Brandon is your Time Machine in the garden or has it disappeared too ? If it's missing it can cause problems, and the best solve is to use the "empty garden" button


    The game will ask for confirmation, and every item in the garden will go to inventory. It takes time to do it completely , you know it is completely over when the reputation stops going down, and stabilizes at less than 200 000 (not always 0 because of stamps). Some of my friends have had the "black sea" problem solved that way, I hope it works for you. If it doesn't you'll have to submit a ticket to RY support

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    My issue with not being able to visit other gardens, or only having the black void around my garden seems to have been corrected on its own. However, RockYou support is still less than cooperative when we ask questions on when we'll get past level 500.

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    Since GOT began (in April 2011), the levels have increased as follows: 100 - 4/4/12; 200 - 1/3013; 300 - 10/1/14; 500 - 9/16/15. Therefore, since levels went from 300-500 just 5 months ago, I'd venture to say it's going to be awhile!

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