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Thread: no limit on gifts

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    Please may we have no limit on what we can gift each other. I think its ridiculous that its even there because whats the point in inviting people to play it if you cant send them a gift because you have already sent friends them. and I want to play as much as i like because my friends send me so many supplies but i cant even accept them. It is so stupid that there is a limit. I stopped playing for a while fom being frustrated there is already so much work you have to put in to pass towns let alone only not being able to accept your friends help.

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    Yes please No limit on gift giving and/or receiving. I have over 400 gifts due to the fact that only 40 per day is allowed to be accepted. I would play this game way more if I was allowed to use all my gifts I have! It's very frustrating cause you can only play 5 times until you regenerate your supplies!

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    This would be nice. Or at least up it to 100 or something.

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