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Thread: PETITION: Change "Days of CRAFTING" back to "Days of GIFTING"

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    PETITION: Change "Days of CRAFTING" back to "Days of GIFTING"

    This game was originally designed to allow neighbors to help each other build and grow their garden by exchanging gifts and building materials. When Playdom changed the project to a "crafting" project, many players found it very difficult to also complete the Time Lab project since they had to spend so much time & Energy crafting the special tokens needed to build the DoC item. They were then left not having enough time and/or "glass drops" to complete the pages in the Time Lab. This has created frustration for many players, to the point a lot have quit playing the game!

    For those who miss the days when we could get the daily "gifts" from our neighbors in order to complete the Days of Gifting project, a petition has been created to get Rock You to reconsider changing it back. Please click on the link below to add your Name, Facebook Profile URL (web address), and your Facebook User ID.

    Note: only one signature per Facebook account - duplicates are being tracked & will be deleted!

    To open and sign the petition, CLICK HERE

    Be sure to scroll down the page, if necessary, and click on "Submit" when finished filling it out!
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    Thank you so much for this petition . We can only hope RY will listen to us this time. <3

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    I to thank you having a very frustrating game session today since elixir of serenity is not dropping it is like it has been taken out of the list of drops.

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    Totally agree with this one too.

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    Yes, change this arrangement. Can't believe how difficult it is to Craft -- and how much they punish you if you don't complete in a day. I've been trying for days to finish the current crafting challenge and wasted dozens of tokens trying to fill in the missing ones. I'm in the Inner Circle, even, and DO give them real money for this game. So, what's up?

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