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Thread: Desperatly needed mobile friends!!

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    Smile Desperatly needed mobile friends!!

    I need mobile friends kitchen scramble so bad I never get any supply gift other than the ones that pepper normally gives you everything you know what for 5 hours I definitely need to share gifts with supplies with things of that nature please add me so that we can switch supplies

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    Hi Tammy,I hope u got my message,and I add u as a friend on forum,but i dont know if it`s worked..I can send u gifts supply,and I need 3-ed friend to pass level,or if u agree,I can send u message or FB friend request,bcz I also think it would be much easy when it`s game about..and however,thank u,friendly Maja!

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    Hi Tammy, feel free to add me on Facebook or if you play on an apple device add me on Gamecenter (I mainly play on this) my nickname is SamuraiPizzaCat! :3

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    I need friends too! Can we add one another?

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