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Thread: RY please give us a VOTE for all friends button !!!

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    Totally agree. I sent a suggestion like this to RY about 4 or 5 months ago. Received an email back saying we will take this under consideration. Not verbatim, but y'all get the idea. Just rewrite some data into this game and you can do it. This voting system doesn't work for besties. People who have more than 50 friends, seriously how can they make them all besties. There goes your six votes. Ah, maybe put something into effect when you vote for them you upgrade your friend status.

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    I agree with Michelle, great idea

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    I Agree... It would let us spend less hours on the game because most player don't have the time to vote and a lot of my player have stop voting or stop playing.

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    yes, totally need the vote for all friends button

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    like this idea, but I also like seeing what ppl are wearing & if it's worth my vote...

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