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Thread: Introducing the Kitchen Scramble "Master Chefs" VIP Volunteer Program!

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    Introducing the Kitchen Scramble "Master Chefs" VIP Volunteer Program!

    Who are they:
    The "MasterChefs" are a group of VIP players that help to work with the game team of Kitchen Scramble to keep players engaged with weekly contests, daily polls, and have a variety of resources of use for the players to use. The MasterChefs, have a Facebook group that is open for all to join and get the assistance from each of the VIPs.

    Each of the VIPs will introduce themselves below and will be able to answer any questions you have, and/or direct you to the appropriate location. You will find that these VIPs are very savvy players of the game, and know lots of tips to help you achieve your goals. They are always in communication with that community manager, Taylor, on updates, and things that need to be tended too.

    Below this point, I will attach the link to their Facebook group, where you can find all the resources that they provide for you all! The awesome VIPs are caring, devoted, and are here to help make the game the best it can be. We are so thankful for them, and have provided them with a recent special gift of an official Kitchen Scramble "MasterChefs" Logo!

    Here is the link to the Facebook Group-

    On behalf of the Kitchen Scramble community team, we are happy to introduce the "MasterChefs"!
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    Thank you Taylor, and RockYou for the warm welcome I was touched when you reached out to me, and it's been my pleasure to help anywhere u need me. I just want to also extend my personal invitation to all Scramblers to come and join the MasterChef team. Work with us to help make the game the best it can be for everyone.
    Come join us.. we offer weekly contests where u can win cash and other prizes to make your game more fun. The weekly contests are posted on the fan page each Saturday. You will also notice that we share much of what is posted on the fan page over to the group wall and in the live game chat. If you're in the game chat, or group, and you have questions about the game or tips u would like to share with other players, these are great places to share them. I have put together an awesome team of VIP'S to help run the group and answer questions in the live game chat. You may also notice the VIP's answer lots of questions on the fan page to help out the community manager when things are very busy. We will add more VIPs as we need them so that we will always be able to give each task we do the attention it deserves. We even have a special birthday gift for each player! RockYou has been soo amazing and even asked the art department to create us a special new Logo - u can see it on the group wall and in the cover photo at the top of the group page. We love it and appreciate their support in helping us to gather as much player feedback as possible through contests and posts in the group. I just wanted to let every player know that I am proud to be on the MasterChef team and its an honor to be able to give the players another voice. Many of the things players have asked for in the weekly contests (this is where we get most of our feedback) is all ready showing in the game, and there is so much more in process... Please let me know know here or in the group posts if there is anything the VIP team can do to make your gaming experience the best it can be!
    Robyn Hobbs

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    Hi everyone I am Charlie Graham. Thanx for the great introduction Taylor.
    I love playing Kitchen Scramble, it's my favorite game. I was so excited when Robyn asked me to help her set up the MasterChefs group. The VIPs brainstorm ideas together and work really well together. I have met some awesome people through the MasterChefs group.
    When we were asked if we could help gather information from the players we wanted to come up with a fun way to collect what the players wanted from the game. We started the contests and the group really started hitting it off. We decided to have a random drawing when we reached 1,000 members. We reached that goal within one month. There are polls, Questions&Answer section, Help Section, Add Me Section, etc. We also do birthday celebrations. I am very proud of the VIPs in MasterChefs of Kitchen Scramble, they really put their <3 into the game and group. It is wonderful that RockYou/Kitchen Scramble want to know what their players think, what they love and what needs fixed.
    The weekly contests are posted on the fan page every Saturday with a link to our group. RockYou has been very supportive to the players and have implemented a lot of players contest entries into the game. Did you participate in the Easter Egg Hunt last week in Kitchen Scramble? That idea came from one of our VIPs.
    If you love Kitchen Scramble like we do, come and check out MasterChefs of Kitchen Scamble
    Happy Scrambling,
    Charlie Graham

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    Hello Everyone I am Michelle Thank you for the introduction and thank you for giving us a chance to help people with any of there kitchen scramble needs. Kitchen scramble is my favorite game I am addicted When Robyn asked me to join the team I was soooo excited Thank you so much Robyn for choosing me as part of the team. I enjoy helping people as well. I am looking forward to working with this awesome team. I am always willing to help so if you ever need anything let us know. Also looking forward to helping kitchen scramble players have a voice in the game we all love.
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    HELLO EVERYONE!! My name is Jolene (Jo for short). I have been an avid Kitchen Scrambler player for years. Since chat appeared I have always tried to help my fellow KS players by posting helpful hints. The ability to help other KScramblers was increased in to many ways to count when I was asked to become a member of the MasterChef VIPs. I will continue to do my best when giving advice concerning Kitchen Scramble in order to make everybodys game playing experience the absolute BEST it can be!!

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    Howdy! My name is Beth A. Thank you guys for the introduction! I am an addict of Kitchen Scramble! I am proud to be a part of such an awesome team of people to make Kitchen Scramble fun for everyone! I love to help people. Being a part of this team has been very rewarding in itself for me. There are so many sections of help that the team offers along with a lot of fun along the way with contests and polls to make everyone enjoy the game so much more! It is so exciting to hear what other payers want and dont want. Everyone is welcome in our group so come check us out and if you need any help or have any suggestions we would love to hear from you! Happy scrambling!!

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    I would LOVE someone from ROCK YOU Directly not this master chef program to address a very important issue. WHY are the VIPS allowed to block people that they don't like from a group that is seemingly supposed to be open to everyone? The contests are blatantly unfair because they are only open to people that Robyn Hobbs doesn't dislike.

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    Salve a tutti ho bisogno di sapere come posso sbloccare il livello 15 mi dice di chiedere aiuto ed io tutte lo volte lo chiedo ma mi manca sempre un'amico per sbloccare il livello come posso fare ?

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    Hi, my name is Mei Louie, I have been playing Kitchen Scramble for almost a year. Ever since I download Kitchen Scramble, I have played every single day. I also LOVE to cook and love to prepare dishes from other countries. The dishes that you have creeated in each kitchen are really close to the real things. I hope I can be a MasterChef to help other players prepare their dishes while having fun. Thank you

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