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Thread: Game closes constantly

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    Thumbs up Game closes constantly

    I just started playing kitchen scramble but I am very disappointed how often the game shuts down. I have reinstalled the game now several times but the issues still remain. I'm only in level 11 but I don't think I want to play this game with its Costa t shut down ( on every level at least twice!)now I just lost my "power up" - very, very frustrating!!!
    I am playing on my iPad and don't have those issues with any other games.
    Any advice?
    Thank you, Patricia

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    Oh yes, and it also won't connect me with FB :-(

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    Hello Patricia,

    This kind of concern would be best handled by contacting Customer Support for the game. You can reach us through clicking the help button in the game and following the prompts.

    or you can send customer support requests to
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