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Thread: Misplacement of the "close message center" click

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    Misplacement of the "close message center" click

    I have to click to the left and above the normal place to close the message center (using google chrome if that makes a difference)

    We can collect only 100 messages each day. My MC already has a backlog of 43 messages containing coins. Will I always have to click out each of them ? If you only want to stop us getting energy, could the coins be counted separately ? Maybe we could accept all coins automatically, and energy manually.

    When out of energy you have to watch up to TEN ads to replenish and play ONE scene. This is sooooo boring !

    When the avatar has 2 items in her hands (the only way to be fast enough in some levels, and I'm only on 23 I think) it is not clear at all which one is "in front" and will be used first. I didn't find any help on that. It would be better if the active one were circled in color, or highlighted, and if we could change the frontmost item by click a key, or right clicking. As it is I end up trashing perfectly good cakes because the wrong one got decorated, or iced a certain color, or assembled with the wrong other cake (and that is a pain..) or got the wrong filler (more rarely)

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    Hello Sophie,

    The first issue was a matter of fine tuning when the game was first released.

    There has been a cap put in place for the message gifts which puts the maximum energy to be gained at 75. energy and coin gifts can be saved as long as you want to be used when your energy is low.

    When the avatar has two items in hand, it will be the larger of the two that gets placed first. The Holding Plate is designed for multiple purposes with one of them being a neutral place for the player to switch out items in case it is unclear what the avatar will set down first.

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