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Thread: [EVENT] Every Day’s a Holiday!

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    Talking [EVENT] Every Day’s a Holiday!

    Every Day’s a Holiday!

    This week you are in charge of the Game Design Department at RockYou. You will be planning a Kitchen Scramble Bonus Map.
    So put on your thinking cap and let your imagination go WILD

    You will be required to have 3 parts to your entry.
    Part 1 ~ Map Event (holiday, special occasion or season)
    Part 2 ~ Name of Map
    Part 3 ~ Theme of Map (such as food style)

    Duplications for the Map Event Only (holiday, special occasion or season) are allowed. No other duplications will be allowed.
    The winner of this contest will be determined by Likes/Votes.


    This contest is not for game issues such as glitches, bugs, or any other complaint.

    One entry/answer per person. If you enter more than once your second entry will be automatically deleted.
    Entries must not be a duplicated by any other player. For this contest all Duplications will be deleted 1 hour after you have received a warning. For this Contest ONLY the holiday choice may be duplicated.
    All entries that do not fall under the contest guidelines will receive a 1 hour warning message, and then if not corrected, will be deleted
    You must be a member of the Group to enter the contest and have read and liked the Group rules.
    Do not comment under other entries. Simply use the “Like” button. All comments will be deleted and any negative comments (or inappropriate language) will result in the member being removed from the group, the current contest and all future contests.
    You may like/vote for any or all entries, but not your own - if you like or vote for your own entry, you will be disqualified from this contest for violating the rules and your entry removed.
    All group members may like/vote, you do NOT have to have an entry in the contest to like/vote.
    Admins for this group cannot enter or vote.
    Answers to questions provided in previous contests are fine IF they apply to this contest question only.
    These answers and all future contest answers will be submitted to Kitchen Scramble along with results (votes/likes), and will include each person’s name and their idea/suggestion. We want to have honest feedback for Kitchen Scramble to make our game more enjoyable. Please be honest and specific to make your vote count.
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