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Thread: Gifts from friends not working

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    Unhappy Gifts from friends not working

    This morning I accepted 7 new energy gifts from friends. Left the message center to go back and play another round only to find that my energy didn't increment at all. This repeatedly happens - I don't think it's ever worked since I started playing. What's the point of having friends send you energy if the gifts do nothing??

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    after purchasing crystals--and buy extra time and let them wait --they took my crystals but didn't register my extra time or let them wait purchase.

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    These issues can best be handled by contacting Customer Support at

    Please remember to include your User ID number when contacting them as it will shorten the duration between beginning contact and getting a resolution.

    User ID number can be located directly beneath the game screen, above the "Terms of Service" and "Privacy" Links.

    or, if you are using a mobile device,

    - Select the Gear Icon to bring up the Settings Menu

    - Select the Info Button to bring up your account info

    - Take a screen shot of the following screen and attach it to your next reply.

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