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Thread: Trading in wilted jac trees for a new one

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    Wink Trading in wilted jac trees for a new one

    Zoo world , consider this please

    we spend 100 wlps , unless we are lucky enough to catch them on sale for 1 jac tree which yields 1 wlp point per day , if we are lucky enough to come on to play zoo every day , for 120 days..
    Which is not always the case either.

    So we can buy but 9 at a time,,, 900 wlps ...lmao on that, for 9 wlp trees....and have no, none, notta option reasonable to get any...

    Here's my suggestion...
    Wilted jac trees....they have already been paid for or purchased? Right?

    The 9 that all wilt at the same darn time,, give us a free jac? We've already paid for it over and over? Your not going to loose anything by it? Maybe gain some lost players that are dropping off everyday?
    Give us incentive to stay playing a game we have already invested yrs and dollars,, yeah real friggin dollars into ?

    Give it some thought and answer me this time..
    You have my email i know for sure ..

    Be cool ....

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    What a great idea has my vote

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    Great idea! It seems such a waste of wlps otherwise.
    Sadly I doubt Rock you will ever even see your suggestion. I haven't seen a bona fide response from RY to anything in here in a very long time. Every entry I've looked at has 0 replies except for those from other players. I think they abandoned the forum.

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    sounds like a great idea to me! thanks for suggesting it Shelby

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    Good idea buthey will never go for that too greedy

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    Absolutely a great idea. About time we were rewarded for playing a game for so long and as you said spending real money on it.

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    I dread to think of the money i have spent buying jacaranda trees let alone what i spend on buying wlp... having wilted jacaranda trees give us another chance to get a better return on our original purchase is a great idea ... thank you Shelby..
    Might i even suggest that you extend the expiration date of all Jacaranda trees to six months instead of 120 days... when you consider that we only make 20 wlp on our original investment of 100 wlp its not a good return at all.

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    What a wonderful idea Shelby. Doubt Rock you will go for it...

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    I NEVER buy Jac trees unless they are on sale, so at least they return 1/2 WLP per day. I also keep track of when I buy them and where they are placed so I know when I have some about ready to die. (Usually, at least. I have 2 mystery J trees right now, don't know when they are going to die... probably tomorrow after the ones on sale right now go off sale...) A longer life would be good, or dropping the regular price to 60, and on sale for 50... would be much better. Particularly when those of us who have played long enough remember getting an everlasting Cherry tree for 100 WLP.... Trading in old trees would be good, lengthening the life would be good, increasing the number of trees we can own would be good, decreasing the cost would be good... lots of options... but not holding my breath for RY to do anything to increase satisfaction with the game...

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    Great Idea Shelby!!!! It would take a Clever Lass like you to come up with such a kewel idea

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