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    Daily rewards

    Good Morning to all
    Some days ago I had an idea that could be nice I think to add in the game. The idea is this one:

    - Create a cupcakes' cake and under every cupcake hide gifts... example coins or star tickets or boosters;

    - Every day the player can open one of them for free (and if he wants open more of them paying them with 1...2 crystals for example) and get the reward hid under the cupcake AND with the reward, the player gets also a jar of jam located in a pantry.

    - When day after day, the player will collect ALL the jars of jam, and the pantry will be complete, the player can have the possibility to change some money with crystals... example...when day after day I will complete all the jars in my pantry, I can change 20.000 coins with 10 crystals example.

    - or create the pantry with more options... example the first shelf complete I can change 5000 coins with 3 crystals, the second shelf I can change 10000 coins with 5 crystals etc etc

    - ofc If a player will open only the free cupcake daily will need more time for complete the jars... if he will open more of them...will complete the pantry faster

    - Add also the possibility to send to our "neighbours" the double and triple jars... this could be good to increase the community too because we need lot of friends for change the jars with each other. We could create a post on our group asking to our friends what we are missing... example... help I need the jar of strawberries jam. A friend could send it to me... or the best thing could be SELL it to me... I will get the jar and my friend could get example 500 coins from me... a kind of market between us LOL

    I'd like see a similar thing in the game I think could be a good idea

    This is our group link:
    Peggy Jenine Jace and myself will be so happy to add you all ♥
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    I have to admit that I really love this idea!!

    You should send it in as official feedback for the game. =)

    This can be posted to either the fan page on Facebook or to customer support at

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