Dear RockYou,
I come through this support tool, open a suggestion about the game City Girl Life on new missions
They are being made by the new team that makes the programming of the game. Like many people here, I also play a lot
time, and I really would not want to stop playing, but it's getting more difficult to complete the new missions.
It is the third mission in the craft are short time and in large quantities. Everyone has living off the internet and
really is very complicated stop for 3 hours at a time, waiting a 3 minute craft is ready and which are
10 needed crafts to complete the stage. It's getting impossible to complete the missions, when one or more phases need
activity for 1 hour and a half, sometimes much more than that. People who play City Girl Life, are usually people
who have other activities, work, have small children at home things to do, young people with work or study,
children with school and can not stay that long, just playing. That way, of course, many players will
stop playing because they can not close the missions. I urge, and I think I speak for the great majority
players, the game returns to the previous system. increasing the time for making the crafts or decreasing the amount
of crafts short time, as this would facilitate the life of those who work, study, take care of home and children and do not want to stop
to play. Thanks for listening.