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Thread: War of Nations moves to RockYou

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    War of Nations moves to RockYou

    Greetings Commanders! We are excited to announce that RockYou has acquired War of Nations from GREE. All the events you love and Customer Support services will continue to run without any changes.

    RockYou’s strong game Developers, Project Managers, Producers, Designers, Artists, Community Managers and Support staff are all excited about the new addition to the family. We are working around the clock to not only ensure a smooth transition, but also to add new fun and engaging features, as well as better community collaboration.

    We look forward to building your military empire. Thank you for playing War of Nations!

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    Thats good and all but can you add Marvel: Avengers Alliance the game is on Facebook and and Disney is shutting it down on 9/30 but the people on Facebook is mad at Disney for doing this like me they want to keep it going they don't care when comes to updates to it.

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    Stared unusual contract

    Unique lodgings bellhop as project:

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    New network work

    My brand-new suss out d evolve:

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    Updated contrive number

    My creative website:

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    My cool protrude

    New domestic bellhop after project:

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