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Thread: Letter of request sent to RY CEO on 26th July 2016

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    Letter of request sent to RY CEO on 26th July 2016

    Dear Mrs. Marino
    My sincere apologies for any disturbance. I come forth with a most noble proposition. I wish to prove that Millionaire City is still in a position from which profits can be drawn. I am confident in saying that Rock You can still benefit greatly from the game, if and only if certain changes were to take place, including the updating of the game with weekly events long past and bringing certain fan-favourite items which once held prominence in the market. Thus, Millionaire City would receive its much deserved attention once again with minimum investment, on the company’s part.
    I am extremely optimistic about great improvement in player activity if such things and more would take place. Below, I will detail you with the most suitable items for the resurrecting the game. Not only in my experience as a long time Millionaire City player but also as a truly devoted fan of this beautiful game, I have come to identify the following candidates as ideal for this proposition.
    My requests essentially comprise only 8 old things we had in in that game so for the company this is not a cost:
    - Satellites (decorations purchasable with money) for 1 month consecutive
    - Golf Towers (Building purchasable with money) for 1 month consecutive
    - Easter house (Building purchasable with money for 1 month consecutive
    - Jeweller's Tower (Building purchasable with gold) at 50% discount for 1 week consecutive
    - Gold 75% discount for 6 days (3 + 3) / 50% for the rest of the month
    - Telescope tower 50% (building purchasable with gold) discount 1 week consecutive
    - Venus of Milo (decoration purchasable with gold) 50% discount 1 week consecutive
    - Auctions for the whole month (Level 120+ ONLY 3x2 buildings)
    The most favourable order of events is as follows:
    First week: Satellites + Golf towers + Easter house+ Auctions
    Second week: Satellites + Golf towers + Easter house + Auctions + 3 days gold 75% + Jewellers’towers 50% discount
    Third week: Satellites + Golf towers + Easter house+ Auctions + telescope tower 50% discount
    Fourth week: Satellites + Golf towers + Easter house + Auctions+ 3 days gold 75% + Venus of Milo 50% discount
    I invest the entirety of my faith in this thesis and humbly suggest a period of at least four weeks for this exercise. Millionaire City is a game that could potentially be lucrative, considering its present state of deprivation. I yearn for the opportunity to prove ourselves, the steadfast fans of Millionaire City. A failure of this project would mean failure of our hopes but the outcome of this noble enterprise could either prove fruitful to Rock You or a negligible loss. You need only invest time in reviving updates long gone. This, I believe, is the key to breathe new life into the game. Our hope is relentless and we keep insisting as we, being the very ones who love it, know that it is loved dearly, even after much has transpired. Even after the culmination of her popularity a long time ago, the posthumous love for Millionaire City is greatly admired.
    Greetings to all, Alessia

    The whole MC community and myself worked always hard for the well of the company, for try to find a meeting point, for save our games for all the players and for us veterans. We are asking only one month for see with your eyes that we are right and our voice is the voice of a whole community.
    NOT the number of games that you owned but the quality of the service that you give can make you a great company. Great companies have as goal the happiness of own customers...we are not just players because who spend real money in something become a customer. Customers have a great place in any company and they decide the sort of it just spend their money somewhere else team. You updated our MC 2 times in a month giving us HOPE for a possible re born of it. We are without neighbors from 3 weeks more or less instead, no new weeks no auctions no place here on the forum NOTHING. I will wait a week more... because if I will not see anything and I will continue to see you that consider us NOTHING... I will turn off all RY games. Show us that your goal is the happiness of your customers. Show us that the great company that you pretend to be, you really are.

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    dear ry. please this game contınıus make.......your this make shame..... in fb between city games, alot players this game..... but all you lost .... everyone upset with you ..... you lost all players..... open your eyes and look.....( 7 years game) millionaire city 2 million players but all you lost......... ( 4 years game)megapolis 1 million players + still..... ( 2 years game) super city 651.000 players............ dear rock you, you lost alot players , they win..... your all make shame ......

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    You are right Atilla. MC is the ONLY building game that the company has. ALL the building games are going WELL because a lot of players love them and from all ages. MC is played from children to adults. They could invest on it because really if they hear us... It can give much more also than megapolis and Supercity. It is structured in a way that the others haven't and it is the possibility to help each other with the links!!! friends and not friends. They have a source in their hands...we all understand this... we are doing the possible and impossible too for make them to see what they are not seeing sweety

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