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Thread: Rumor has it that you are not reading the facebook posts. Here are few...

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    Rumor has it that you are not reading the facebook posts. Here are few...

    Lisa: Why don't we get new furniture for our apartments like cabinets that don't block your view, new bedroom sets, including closets, living room sets and new jobs, since I finished mine months ago! New apartments would be nice too! Enough with the ugly clothing and long pointless quests. If you want to keep your players, I think changes have to be made! We're the ones that count to make this game possible, so shouldn't you listen to us and give us what we want?

    Linda: This is SHOP related not spree related.....I want to know why ALL THE GOOD CLOTHES can only be bought with is that fair to those of us that can't afford to buy gold or it takes too long to save up enough gold for them and when we finally get enough the clothes you want to buy are gone....come on...I know you need to make money with the game...but at least make it fair and make it so some of the clothes can be bought with glam or coins....and a suggestion...once you've had a spree end and people still want stuff from that spree why not make it available in a shop....make it a random shop or something where you can put the most popular stuff from previous sprees in it...and please more hairstyles without hats.

    Rhiannon: - Yeah, new places to go other than just the cafe would be great. I mean, all these lovely outfits and nowhere else to go but to work and the cafe!

    Myrna: you do not have time to respond to hundreds of complaints that we 're doing for days , but you have the audacity to propose new items to buy with real money ... you have a lot of courage !!! compliments!!!

    Nikk:i Really cute collection! Here's hoping at LEAST half can be bought without gold... I'm afraid you are losing people who have been playing a long time with the constant gold-grabbing... this game used to have a LOT more available for in-game "money". You would have to play a lot to get enough but that was the whole goal... now it's a lot of disappointment and frustration when the collection becomes available & you realize you can only have a few items... (it doesn't typically work the other way, where we realize we can't have them unless we fork out real life dough (meant for our families & our real lives, like bills & food & gas...) & then start doing that... ) I don't know if you are intentionally alienating your players, but what I described above in addition to the wacked-out crafting times you've been throwing at us (if you are confused, just browse your comment sections... ) REALLY makes me wonder. I personally have put a lot of real money into this game & am a $5 VIP member, so I am clearly putting my faith in your team... please, please pull it together & make it accessible to more people, like it used to be. A person shouldn't be getting such a lesser experience if they can't pay anything, but love the game. The difference has been widening, like the gap between the upper and lower class in real life... is that really what you want to mimic??

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    I believe it for sure, cause NONE of the suggestions and ideas that have been posted are NEVER answered on the threads!!! Its all falling on deaf ears for sure. I have NOT seen a single suggestion implemented or even considered. Not sure what the developers are doing in their own little world, but they sure are NOT listening to us players! I understand that has been some sort of changeover up there. I sure would have thought 'they' would at least listen to us and respond in some way?!?!?!?!

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    I agree with everything Insatia said. Let me add this that I also put in the "Discussion" part of the forums.

    "I have been a player since the beginning. I am a VIP, *plus* I buy gold at every gold sale. I am a daily player (to say the least) and operate a very small, private fan page for just a small group.

    I preface this message with that so you all will know I am not just an infrequent player popping in and out of the game with little participation.

    I love this game. The only other game I love as much is YoWorld. YoWorld is a game with a *very* similar format (that is, decorating both home environment and the avatar). I do NOT plan to quit the game just because of the recent negative changes. What will happen is the following: I will buy less gold and I will downgrade my VIP level. Many other players have said as much so I doubt this is news to you.

    I have three main issues: The first concerns the recent recolor offerings in certain clothing collections. What bothers me the MOST is the lack of non-gold options for some colors. It doesn't seem very fair to players who either don't, can't or won't buy gold (or a lot of gold) for the game. Speaking as someone who *does* buy gold, I am pretty upset about it too! I like to save some for decor items because, honestly, we don't need that many outfits during normal game play. Our decor, however, is much more noticeable.

    My second issue concerns decor. Why not do recolors for a decor collection? I would love to have the options of recolors of chairs or couches or shades of wood with tables and the like. YoWorld does this and it is SO helpful when you need some extra items to match things you already own. HOWEVER, don't forget to offer some or even ONE shade of the color option for glam or coins!

    Lastly, many of us would like the option of more apartment layouts. True, the moveable walls option does help but we STILL have the same placement / color /type of front door. On the same note, I believe we ALL should be allowed more than just ONE extra apartment to be decorating. In YoWorld, the number is unlimited AND we can choose which one is our "home" apartment. Can't you all work on that?

    In closing, let me say this. When your company took over the game, there were dreams and plans for it. There was open communication between the players and the team working on the game. We really felt that the team was listening to us. Now it seems all those dreams and plans have been put on indefinite hold at BEST and totally negated at WORST. and it feels like nobody is listening to the players or even cares about us. I, for one, am concerned that City Girl may just be looked at as a game that finances other games; a game that has been put on auto-pilot with crazy, nonsensical missions and overpriced clothing collection after clothing collection with decor thrown in once in a while with little to no forethought. Sooner or later players will get tired of being ignored, you will lose the revenue-generating capacity this game is currently providing for you and then I suppose you will be on to the next game. If you truly care about this game, and more importantly, the CUSTOMERS/PLAYERS, you will begin to listen to us AND provide feedback. BVG, the company that took over YoWorld, has MANY ways it interacts with its players and has LONG TERM vision for the game (basically they plan to continue the game as long as there are fans to support it). You cannot keep interest up on a game without recognizing and acknowledging the feelings and concerns of the players AND providing regular two-way communication. Right now, many loyal players are in a 'wait and see' mode. I pray we hear some sort of feedback."

    I sure hope someone out there IS listening / reading.

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    Wow. So here I am back, 3 years after posting this and yet nothing has changed. What I would STILL like to see is something to let us know someone there is LISTENING to us. Reading the posts here on the board. It is frustrating when we don't even know if anyone is there reading our suggestions. I am still playing and will play until the game shuts down but that doesn't mean I like it as much as I used to.

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