I have been playing City Girl for years and have loved the game. There is no other game like it. I have probably spent far more money than I should have over the years but for the past year I have found it harder to play because there is so little diversity. Games are always "crafting"and similar, if not the same, for each season. There are so many other types of mini-games that would suit City Girl very well.
The Coffee Shop lends itself very well to a Hidden Object or Find the Difference Mini-Game.
Our apartments could also easily lend themselves to games of 'repair or maintenance' such as the one where you have to fix plumbing by connecting various lengths of pipe to get the water flowing, or repair the lock mechanisms by getting the cylinders lined up just right.
Closets are perfect for any of the mini-games mentioned or one where you have to move blocks of items around to fit them all to the space.

I sometimes play a Wild Tangent farming game called Framington Tales that employs just this type of mini-game throughout the game which makes the sometimes monotonous farming game so much more interesting.

Thank you for taking time to read this and I hope you will consider making the game more interesting for those of us who have played for a long time.

From one of your biggest fans
Dawn C