This section is for the discussion of issues and bugs you may run into while playing Glory of Rome.

This section is primarily for player discussion.
It's a good place to discuss problems, but if you need more direct support, please submit a ticket to the Kabam support desk by clicking 'Help' at the top of the game screen. The Glory of Rome support staff occasionally reads this board, but you will get direct support much faster by going through the in-game 'Help' button.

You may also find an answer by searching through the Kabam knowledge base:

Please make sure you search through this forum before creating a new thread. The chances are good that another player has had the same problem as you, and you may be able to help each other understand how the problem started. One thread with 50 responses will say more to us than 10 threads with 5 responses.

Work with each other to figure out how to reproduce your issues. Clear steps to reproduce are incredibly valuable when Kabam is trying to create solutions to these problems.

Try to find answers to these questions:
When did the problem start?
How frequent is the problem?
Can you reliably recreate it?
Does it occur more frequently on a particular browser or operating system?

Finally, if we fix your issue, make sure you come back here and let people know it's been resolved!