Reproducing bugs takes a lot of time. Problems that occur frequently to certain users may not happen at all on our development machines. Sometimes getting something to break is harder than fixing it!

You can help us by testing our bugs, and finding ways to reliably reproduce them. You can earn items and rewards, too!

Effective Reproduction
The key to reproducing a bug is being able to take the game from a working state to a non-working state, and understand why it happened.

If you're already suffering from a bug, you're not a good reproduction case. The problem may happen every time, but we don't know what caused the problem in the first place: you can't take the game from a working state to a non-working state.

A good series of reproduction steps should start with the game working fine. Then, step by step, explain what you do and what you click on to get the game in a non-working state. (Non-working doesn't mean it's crashing, it just means that you run into something that should work one way, but doesn't.)

Good reproduction steps make it very easy to fix a bug! We just have to look at the individual steps and check each one.

If you are unable to reliably reproduce a bug, you shouldn't post here. You won't win any prizes for guesses.

How to Format Your Submission
Every bug report should start with six pieces of information.

User Name:
Domain where you reproduced the problem:
City where you reproduced the problem:
Your Operating System: (Windows XP, Windows 7, Mac, Linux, etc.)
Your Web Browser: (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) Please check that you've updated your web browser to the most current version.
After that, post your reproduction steps one by one. Be specific.

For example, here's how you build a cottage.
1) Load the game, and wait for the load to finish.
2) The game should be in the City view. Click on a space which does not have a building.
3) A window pops up to allow you to select a building. Locate the cottage, then click Build under it.
4) A window pops up with the requirements for a cottage. Click 'Manual Build.'

After your reproduction steps, make sure you post your expected results, and your observed results.

Expected Results: What should have happened? Be specific. In the above example, the expected results are "Resources are deducted, and building starts. After the build timer runs out, a cottage has been built in the space."

Observed Results: What actually happened? How is this different from the expected results? In the above example, let's imagine that there's a bug with cottages. "Resources are deducted, but building never starts. After waiting several minutes, a cottage has not been built."

What happens next?
If your reproduction steps look good, we'll try to follow them in the game to cause the problem on our end. It's important that your reproduction steps start as early as possible; if the problem has something to do with the specific configuration of your troops or city, we won't be able to reproduce it easily.

The best possible reproduction case would start with choosing an entirely new domain and starting a new city there. If you can go from totally nothing to cause the bug, then we should be able to easily follow your instructions to reproduce it.

Thank you for your help! Let us know if anything about these instructions are unclear. Identifying bugs is serious work, and your efforts are directly helping Glory of Rome become better and more stable!