-Peace -Nice -Active / with vacations accepted -Supportive -Experienced Help -For Newbies or Experienced Players -Serious Gaming -Serious Fun

Savior welcomes players of either new to the game, or have been playing for years.
Savior is both a peaceful and war ready alliance; making friends and picking enemies. This alliance leans not to be blood thirsty for the reasons of wanting stability and attack when strong and ready rather than weak and blind.

The chancellor of Savior - Lord Octavious, is a experienced K.O.C. player, and over the time spent playing and leading in domains like cavl and Goswhist272 and other, had created guides and helpful info and tactics for all players to better their game play and growth in might and experienced.

So if either you are a newbie' who needs help understanding and playing the game, or a player who needs to know a bit of information or gaming help, there are experienced members and written guides available it assist.

On that note, this alliance is active, and so will be able to support players in time of need; war
issues, building, information, gifting.

Basic rules:
*NO Wild Stealing
*NO Active Player Farming
*Only Attack Under Instruction Of War or Permission
*Be Active At Least 3 (three) Days A Week/ Unless Excusable (Vacations allowed)
*Have FUN : talk about whatever you feel comfortable with in alliance, its not just a war game.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope to see you in Savior soon.. if not, Happy gaming ^-^