shinigami Terms And Conditions

realm iris

To be considered a citizen of shinigami,a person must have applied or been asked to become a citizen at shinigami,

citizenship in shinigami We don’t ask you where you were and what you did. Here with us only what you are and do now and in the future counts.

We ask that applicants don't join under false pretenses All citizens enjoy the right of free speech.All citizens commit themselves to obey the
laws of “shinigami” and inform themselves about laws and rules. Notably, all citizens are required to
act as called upon during times of war however big or small they can manage

All people of The shinigami, whether they have just joined or have been a citizen for years,possess the same rights and privileges of citizens
of shinigami who have been a citizen since the beginning.These rights and privileges include The right to a vigorous defense from hostile attacks
by outside parties.The right to equal access to aid and advice in growing their lives.The right to voice their opinions on any issues that concern
the shinigami whether they be related to shinigami development,foreign relations, or military proceedings.

The right to govern their life as they see fit as
long as they do not infringe upon the ability of other citizens of shinigami govern their lives or put the safety of The shinigami in jeopardy.

In addition to having rights and privileges, citizens shinigami also are also subject to certain obligations.Failing to meet these obligations may
be grounds for dismissal of citizenship from the shinigamicitizens of shinigami are expected to remain respectful to each other at all times
The shinigami recognizes that disagreements happen, but citizens are encouraged to keep things civil at all times and harassment,
name calling, and disruptiveness will not be tolerated.citizens of shinigami are obligated to assist each other in times of crisis because by working together,
they are able to do more than they are alone.In the event that a citizen of shinigami is under attack,
the other citizens of shinigami are expected to come to their aid.Although shinigami recognizes that not everyone can be vigorously active, citizens are expected
to be activein at least some capacity. At a minimum, citizens of shinigami shall be expected to read and respond to official communications
from the leaders of shinigami relating to issues that affect the entire shinigami.citizens of shinigami are expected to live up to the commitments that
they make to each other Therefore, citizens are expected to carry through on their promises.citizens of shinigami are expected to respect the secrecy of the
shinigami at all times. Therefore, citizens are expected to respect the fact that information from inside shinigami is meant to remain within shinigami and
disseminating information tooutside parties without authorization shall not be tolerated.signe bellow to acept all terms and conditions
thank you for your time slugy overlord of shinigami bye signing this you agree to all the contidions of artical a part one two three

kind regards slugy overlord of shinigami