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Thread: please help... new in game

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    Unhappy please help... new in game

    hi there... just a question i have been playing this game for a week or so... i started upgrading buildings... researching and also building training troops to defend and attack.... my question is about my troops.. i usually train after i upgrade building and research.. then train some troops after that i log out of the game.. but for some reason every time i log in again my troop counts is drastically decreasing... for example i already have 1000 cons, 850 skirmishers, 300 cavalry, 800 legions and no scorpio, before i log out of the game i trained troops so i would have 1000 cons, 1000 skirmishers, 500 cavalry, and trained legions and scorpio so i would have 1000 legions and 50 scorpio after training them... i usually log out while the training is still on going.. however when i log in again.. i ed up with my troop count as 450 cons, 400 skirmishers, 180 cavalry, 350 legions and 34 scorpio. i always end up with less than half of the troops i should have every time i log back i've been training troops for a week if the troops counts don't decrease everytime i log back i would have 2000 cons, 3000 skirmishers, 1000 cavalry, 2000 legions and 300 scorpio, i'm not sure if i have made a mistake u usually log out with more than enough pop. to train, enough food reserve high resources reserve, a lot of silver and a lot of space more in my city. but i always end up with almost no troops at all.. theres no report that i was attacked either.. please help thanks

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    Two possibilities:
    Upkeep. When you log back in, is your food at a 0? Food has 3 functions: To build troops, to march troops, and to feed troops. If you scroll over the food icon in the bottom left corner of your screen (just below the "quest" icon) it will show your upkeep vs. production per hour. Upkeep is the amount of food it takes to feed your troops while they are just sitting there. If you don't have enough food to feed your troops while you are offline, they desert (leave). Increase your food production, or at least leave enough in your city so your troops can be fed while you are offline, and hope you don't get attacked.
    Are your troops set to defend? Click on your castle, and about halfway down that screen, there are two tabs, click to defend, and click to hide. If you have troops set to defend, then if you are attacked by a superior enemy force, some or all of your troops will die. Click to hide your troops, then they will be alive when you come back, but your resources will be gone.

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