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Thread: glory of rome closing?

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    glory of rome closing?

    Hi glory of rome closing ?

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    glory of rome is dead !!!

    Forget about kabaam tournament rewards...
    Winners of the Hellscream_255 server in Glory Of Rome have not received any prize from the last tournaments.
    Ive been writing to Kabaam for the last 6 months and asking for my tournament prize. I have all emails to kabaam from the pasat 6 months and screens from the tournament.
    After being ignored for since June 19th i finally received a email from kabaam... they said "sorry, the tournament is 6 months back, its too late, forget about the gold and the prize troops"^^
    Can you believe this??? This is fraud.
    Think twice before you spend any money on kabaam.

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    should of been closed when global warfare closed.
    I am already dead since Titan and this world the butterflies are showing me... Is it a dream? Or is their world the real one and the world where I was, the dream? I don't know.

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