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Thread: Welcome to the age of Champions!

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    Lightbulb Welcome to the age of Champions!

    From the fields of battle come war trodden soldiers who have proven themselves again and again. Warriors who have inspired your troops in battle and have built up their reputation as great Champions of battle. Prepare yourself for a new way to battle!

    Champions are powerful warriors that inspire their troops in battle. Assigned a Champion to one of your cities to gain it's benefits. Once in a city, a champion will participate in the Defense of that city, and can be sent on attacks alongside your troops!

    Champions can increase their power by equipping mighty Weapons and Armors that lie hidden throughout the realm of Camelot.

    What benefits are there for having a Champion?

    • When a city has a Champion assigned to it, he will defend from attacks! Defending troops will become stronger when fighting along side a Champion.
    • If your opponent attacks your city with a Champion, that Champion will first have to deal with yours. A Champion that is on a march cannot have it's stats changed while it is marching.
    • If your opponent attacks you with their Champion, that Champion will not be at their city and will make the city more vulnerable to an attack from your Alliance!
    • When you send your Champion on an attack and it is victorious, that attack is stronger than it would have been without a Champion!
    • Using multiple Champions from different cities gives you new ways to vary your attack strategies. You can feint and attack, time your attacks from multiple champions, work with your Alliance to attack a powerful opponent with many Champions, and more!

    What does this mean for strategy?

    • Defenders are now slightly stronger vs many waves of attacks because their Champion will always fight. There is no cool down on Champions between battles.
    • Attackers now have new ways of attacking, manipulating information and controlling the pace of the battle when sending out their marches.
    • Making big attacks are now a bigger risk as you now remove a big defense from your city.

    Champions use a new combat system, and we are committed to continue to ensure that it is balanced and interesting so please provide us with feedback on ways you feel we could improve this feature. We fully expect that our players will find unique and unexpected ways to use this feature. Feel free to share your strategies and what you have found works and doesn't work when using your Champion.
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    As questions are asked we will gather them and post an FAQ as needed.

    Discuss the release of Champions Here!
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Do Champion stats have a limit or cap?
    A: Champions stats do not have a cap. Instead, they can be reduced by the results of the Champion duel. Think ahead when you choose your equipment – go for too many troop stats and you’ll find your champion may not be able to win the Champion duel anymore.

    Q: Do Throne Room bonuses stack with Champion bonuses?
    A: Yes. Champions buff base troop stats before Throne Room bonuses are applied.

    Q: Will we be able to craft orbs or token items for Champions?
    A: This is a great suggestion and we hope to implement a feature like this soon.

    Q: Is there a limit to the amount of items you can have?
    A: Currently the amount of items you can have is set to 128.

    Q: What is an example of how the buffs are applied to troops? This would be maybe using a report to explain how troop buff would be applied off an example battle
    A: In the duel, one champion will always be Victorious. The victorious champion provides a portion of its buffs to its allied troops equal to its remaining health. For example, if the victorious champion has 55% of its Health remaining at the end of the duel, it applies 55% of its total maximum troop buffs to its allied troops.

    Q: Can we have a Mass Salvage button?
    A: This is a great suggestion, we will look into this.

    Q: Will the Champions be included in a Watchtower alert?
    A: Incoming Champion Stats will be incorporated into Watchtower alerts very soon.

    Q: Will there be a bonus for having all the same faction cards equipped like the Throne Room offers?
    A: This is a great suggestion, thank you for your feedback.

    Q: Will there be a way to view an ally's Champion Hall?
    A: We're working to add this to the game.

    Known Issues:

    • Champions missing with marches. This should be resolved now.
    • Sorting Issues are a bug that we are aware of.
    • Having a Champion equipped nullifies having a Dove of Peace. We are aware with this issue and are looking into it.
    • No Tower Countdown. We are aware with this issue and are looking into it.
    • We have looked into the Dove of Peace issue and have found that having a Champion assigned to a city does not void the Dove of Peace. The issue is most likely when someone uses a Dove of Peace after an attack is already incoming.
    • Assigning a Champion to a City will NOT set that city's troops to defend. Though it is true, the assigned Champion will always duel an incoming attackers Champion, this does not automatically cause your troops to defend. Even hidden, defending against an enemy Champion with your Champion affects the bonuses that the attackers Champion gives to it's troops.
    • The players found an issue where items were not displaying properly in your collection making some items seem to disappear. We thank you for bringing it to our attention and we are looking into fixing this issue very soon.
    • Other bugs you have pointed out are being looked into and we appreciate you bringing them to our attention.
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