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Thread: Kabam is killing the game

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    Kabam is killing the game

    Please put this message in your domaine

    Kabam is killing the game with champion, they still don't want to answer to us why they still kepping it. So please put this at spam in you domaine

    We are organaizing a manifestation to remove champion from the game, so :
    - don't use Champion definitly : don t put him in a city so it s like nothing at all
    - don't buy GEMS 15 of december to 18 of december to contest

    please diffuse that to be strong and to show to kabam we don t like champion

    PS Champion is removing your protection ascencion if you are using it and you are under attck even do it s not the city under attack

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    Hate to say it but its here to stay, use it or don't..

    I do not like it, but i love and enjoy the game so i deal with it because of friends i have made around the world..

    And in most domains i play i barely even see them in attack reports, plus with the right throne set up the little added bonus they give you in throne/troop stats doesn't really matter your champion can lose and you still win the battle..

    And people are spending thousands a day on champions, so i don't think kabam will be removing it any time soon the only way champions is going to leave the game is when they shut it down for good..
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